Enhancing Rotary and Professional Leadership Skills

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a grassroots, multi-district leadership development program whose mission is to strengthen Rotary clubs through quality leadership education. District 6880 participates in the RI Zones 29-30 Regional Leadership Institute – Heart of America Division.

RLI was founded to assist in improving the Rotary knowledge and leadership skills of future Club leaders. Excellent leadership is the key to successful service by our clubs to our communities and the world. Rotary is blessed with members of high quality, but all Rotary clubs depend on outstanding leadership to harness the talents and skills of our membership to high levels of accomplishment. The rapid turnover of leadership positions in Rotary caused by annual elections requires constant effort to prepare more and more Rotarians for the responsibilities of leadership.

RLI provides a recommended curriculum for a basic course in three full days. The three days are called Parts I, II and Ill and are generally not taken consecutively in order for the participants to gain perspective through their club activities in between the Parts.

RLI also recommends a program of graduate seminars for those who have completed the three basic Parts. Since the founding of RLI, the curriculum has been continually reviewed, updated and revised as the result of experience and the evaluations of the attendees.

Although any Rotarian may attend RLI courses, RLI recommends that Rotary Clubs encourage Rotarians who have the potential for future club leadership, not necessarily as club presidents, to attend. The ideal candidate is early in their Rotary career, has a strong interest, and is prepared to be exposed to the larger world of Rotary outside of the club.

Faculty members are carefully selected for their teaching abilities. Many are present and past Rotary International directors, district governors, presidents and those with experience in special areas. Each new faculty member must attend a full day training program and various periodic reorientation programs. The results of course evaluations help to improve the course content and instruction.

If your club cares about its future, it will want the best leadership possible. This is an outstanding opportunity for each club to improve the Rotary knowledge of its key people, who will also be exposed to new ideas of leadership.
The exchange of ideas with other experienced Rotarians alone makes the courses worthwhile.

For more information on RLI see www.rotaryleadershipinstitute.org

To register for an RLI course visit www.hoa-rli.com/