One way to increase the reach and impact of your local Rotary Club is to participate in a Rotary District or Global Grant.
District Grants are intended to support the projects and efforts of local Rotary clubs. These projects are usually smaller in scale, can be completed in a shorter timeframe (3-6 months), involve the active participation of the local Rotary Club and can be done in conjunction with another organization.

District Grant dollars represent a partial return of Contributions to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) made three years prior. 50% of those dollars come back to District 6880 (District Designated Funds or DDF) and 50% of what comes back are eligible to fund District Grants. The remaining dollars are available to fund Global Grants and Polio Plus projects. In an Average Year District 6880 will have about $40,000 available for District Grant Projects.

Applications are required for District Grant projects and after review by the District Grants Committee, TRF has the final decision on all project approvals. Rotary Clubs that give to the Rotary Foundation have better chance to obtain grant funding.

Global Grants for accessed for large international projects which involve the cooperation of two or more qualified Clubs and Districts from around the world.

Global Grant projects must support Rotary’s Mission Statement, must align with at least one of TRF’s six “Areas of Focus”, must be a sustainable project, must be preceded by a verified “needs assessment”, at least 30% of project funding must come from outside the host clubs country.

The total Global Grant, with matches, must amount to a minimum of $30,000 and TRF match must be at least $15,000 and not more than $200,000.

By Comparison:


 District Grants

Global Grants

  • Application process with the District
  • Must be local projects
  • project Minimum project $1,000
  • No partner required
  • Can partner with other clubs
  • Limited District matching DDF
  • No TRF match
  • Club must be qualified
  • Smaller projects
  • Application process with The Rotary Foundation
  • International global
  • Total grant minimum $30,000
  • International primary club
  • Primary host club applies
  • Must request $15k World Fund
  • TRF match
  • Clubs must be qualified
  • Bigger projects


Grant Funding Flow ChartThe best projects build on existing relationships and past successful projects. To participate in TRF global and packaged grants, the club must agree to implement the financial and stewardship requirements in this memorandum of understanding (MOU) provided by TRF and to send at least one club member to the district’s grant management seminar each year.

To find new partners and global projects, see

Rotary International provides a global grant calculator in excel format here:

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