vi·sion·ing / noun: the development of a plan, goal, or vision for the future

Any organization can benefit from the process of visioning—figuring out what we want success to look like—to get it going. Visioning tangibly improves the quality of an organization and the personal lives of those within it. Without visioning, it’s easy to be dragged down by pressures and problems, but with it we are lifted to a more positive energy level. What is Visioning? A vision is a picture of the success of a Club at a particular time in the future. A vision is not a Club’s mission statement. It also isn’t a strategic plan—which is the map to where we want to go. A vision is the actual destination. It’s a vivid description of what “success” looks and feels like for a Club—what we are able to achieve, and the effect it has on our membership.

An effective vision needs to be:

• Inspiring - To all that will be involved in implementing it.

• Strategically sound - That is, members actually have a decent shot at making it happen.

• Documented - You really need to write your vision down to make it work.

• Communicated - Not only do you have to document your vision but if you want it to be effective, you actually have to tell people about it too to increase accountability.


Club Visioning topics are diverse and might include, “What do we stand for in the community?”, “What do we see as an optimum Club size and our attributes?”, “How do we define foundation success?”, “What should our public image be?”

In every visioning session, Club members share their ideas openly (extraction), they vote on their favorite ideas and priorities for their club (consensus), and they volunteer to get the process moving (action).

Visioning is how successful Clubs recruit, retain and ENGAGE our membership to change lives – for our members and for those in the community.

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