Each Rotary club in District 6880 is made up of unique individuals that shape and effect the personality of the club. Each one of those clubs services it's own community and the unique needs that exist there. Because of this, each club has a unique set of support requirements. The District Leadership's goal is to provide a variety of flexible tools and resources for Club presidents, Secretearies and Treasurers to use in the administration of their clubs. Beyond those items, the District provides knowledge and instruction for club leaders and members alike so that these resources can be used effectivey in each club as they go about the business of their club's community service efforts.


The following are just some of the ways that District 6880 provides knowlege and resources for club's to use.


  1. President Elect Training Seminars

  2. District and Club Database

  3. Annual and Midyear Conferences

  4. District Grant Programs

  5. Rotary Leadership Institute

  6. Club Visioning Programs

  7. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

  8. District Governor's Monthly Newsletters

  9. District Awards Program

  10. District Disaster Relief Foundation





Every Rotarian is very familiar with hard work, commitment and perseverance. Rotary Clubs are very often examples of successful organizations. A key element to their success is effective leadership. Without leaders who can organize, manage, and inspire people, the efforts of many Rotarians can be wasted, never reaching full potential. Rotary District 6880 provides many resources of knowledge, experience and skill for Rotary Club Leaders to take advantage of.

Through programs like PETs, SETs, and District Grant Management Seminars, District 6880 can provide training and inspiration to President Elects BEFORE they start their term as club president. Nothing is more overwhelming that to start your year as club president completely unfamiliar with the multitude of Rotary programs and expectations, and having to stand in front of your club members with no idea how to inspire and encourage them. These programs prepare individuals as club presidents to advance their clubs, engage the members and make everyone more effective in their Rotary service.