Setting goals and outlining a plan to achieve them are essential elements of any leader's path to success. With that in mind, the following are some of the goals set forward by District Governor Skip Dotherow for the 2019-20 Rotary year.


I see our district to be a vibrant organization of fifty clubs serving more than 2500 Rotarians across south Alabama. Clubs that are vi-brant and making a difference in their communities through service projects and member engagement; members who participate in both club and community projects that will identify the local Rotary Club as “People of Action”; engaged in the fight to eradicate Polio.

We have slightly less than 2400 members spread out among 49 clubs in our district. Each one is unique and has its own character. Each club across the district contribute so much to their commu-nities through volunteering, service projects and members who engage in their chamber of com-merce activities. The new Rotary moniker for this is “People of Action”. Indeed, we are. But there is much more we can do.
The goals set forth by our Rotary International President provide a roadmap for both the clubs and the district. The following are my goals for the clubs for the coming year:

  1. Clubs should increase the net membership by 10%.
  2.  Clubs should schedule at least one family friendly social or activity each quarter.
  3. Clubs should schedule at least 4 service projects each year.
  4. Clubs should recognize at least one new Paul Harris Fellow each year.
  5. Clubs should attain Every Rotarian Every Year Banner with a $100.00 per member dona-tion to the Annual Fund or Polio Plus each year.

Service Projects can be the life blood of the club or just “another Saturday morning project that takes me off the golf course”! It is quite simple, serving others before self or “Service Above Self”. We claim this to be our motto but are we really putting this into practice? You can have a huge im-pact on your club by supporting and advocating for club service projects the coming year. I encour-age all members to make suggestions about potential projects they find in the community.

We have been called to “Grow Rotary” by our International President, Mark Daniel Maloney of the Decatur Rotary Club. This is not about membership, while that is certainly part of it; in my mind, Growing Rotary is about engaging our members to submerse themselves in Rotary. Engage members of your club to truly make a difference in their community. While service projects are the more obvious ways to do this, I also believe we can Grow Rotary through actively participating in club socials and other activities that a family friendly. What better way to get to know your fellow Rotarians than at a club dinner, summer party or some other social event?


I look forward to visiting each club and getting to know you and see firsthand the good works you are doing in your community.

DG Skip