Presidential message

Mark Daniel Maloney
RI President 2019-20

August 2019

During 2019-2020, I am encouraging Rotarians and Rotaractors to grow Rotary. We must grow our service, we must grow the impact of our projects, but, most importantly, we must grow our membership so that we can achieve more.

The Rotary Foundation is well on its way to reaching the 2025 by 2025 goal. That is $2.025 Billion in the endowment by 2025. The endowment is currently $1.3 Billion. In 2018-19, $26.3M in gifts were made to the endowment and $58.4 million new expectancies were made. If you are not a member of the Bequest Society or the Legacy Society please contact the E/MGA (Endowment Major Gift Advisor), member of a Major Gift Committee or Foundation staff member working in your region. Questions? Contact Planned Giving at The Rotary Foundation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (847) 866-3100. The chart is in US dollars.

Eufaula Rotary Club president Charlie Hart welcomed us as we made our way to the delightful club and city of Eufaula. AG Michael Smith and DGN Bruce McNeal joined us as I spoke to this club. I see good things happening with this group this coming year, excellent leadership and new members arriving almost monthly. I was very honored to be with them today.

The Rotary journey continues, today I had the honor and privilege of speaking with the Enterprise Rotary Club. Great to see Elizabeth Finley, Joan Newman and Toni Kaminski along with President Kevin Payne. Strong club with a definite commitment to improving their community.

Tonight was Rotary with "Home folks", the Montgomery Sunset Rotary Club, with President Dana Butler, Sam Marsal and Deborah Wright Crook. A lively discussion about "What makes a Vibrant Club"? This clubs involvement in the community would make RI President Mark Maloney proud.