Another great club visit. Demopolis Rotary Club under the leadership of Ashley Coplin, George Durbin and Patricia Moore are continuing to make a difference in their community. The long awaited Splash Pad, located in Kiwanis Park is a big hit. Still awaiting final touches the Pad is already in use and with the Babe Ruth Baseball Nationals in town, it will see lots of visitors.

Atmore Rotary Club today, and spent some time admiring the Splash Pad in the community. Strong club support and now looking for a new project. President Emilee is leading the way and I hear there maybe DUCKs in their future. 4 High Schools equal ?? RYLA Students??


Rotarians, Let’s tell polio to “Take a Hike”.

We are determined to finish the job we started nearly 30 years ago, with the promise to the children of the world that we would eliminate Polio from the face of the earth. It has been a long battle and we are “this close”. Now you have an opportunity to help us end polio forever.

Jannah Bailey and Jimmy Hill, members of the Montgomery Sunrise Rotary Club will be trekking up Mt. Fuji in Japan on August 23-30, 2019 to raise funds for Polio Plus. As they conquer Japan's highest and most prominent mountain, they are encouraging every Rotarian in District 6880 to consider a pledge to support their efforts and conquer polio once-and-for-all. At 12,388 feet above sea level, your pledge of a penny per foot will give a swift ninja kick to the scourge of polio. But really, any amount helps! mtfujiThey’ll be climbing in the cold but you’ll have a warm feeling knowing you did your part to finish the job of ending polio. Let’s do this!! Your Pennies for Polio count so please consider a pledge today to support their effort to reach the summit.

Donations may be sent to:

District 6880 Foundation

C/O Linda Mong

28359 Bay Branch Dr

Daphne, AL 36526

There was a time when you started your day with Folgers in your cup..those days have changed! No better way to start the week than with the Lee County Sunrise Club in Auburn AL. Today we were welcomed by Club President Ken Ringer and other club members, Prayer, Pledge and a rousing "WAR EAGLE" cheer started the morning. We had a visitor with us this morning and after the meeting he said "I a am joining this group". Off to a great start. President Ken has a bag full of new ideas and projects, I know this club will accomplish much this year. If you are a WAR EAGLE , check out Ken's book LORENDO, The "rough & tough" right-hand man for "Shug" Jordan at Auburn for 25 years!

Central Baldwin Sunset Rotary Club continues to amaze the District as they touch the lives of so many in the community. They new "Home" is just one example of their involvement in the community. From cooking Boston Butts to raise funds for are Veterans, to Alligators and Ales fund raiser to help meet many needs across Baldwin County. Great leadership, past,present and future mark this club and a true community asset. VW's, infants and Golden Retrievers just add to the unique flavor of this club.