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In 1985, Rotary and its partners made the commitment to eradicate polio from the face of the earth. In that year an average of over 400,000 children were stricken, with crippling effects, with the polio myelitis virus. From 125 countries in 1985 down to two countries in 2019 with active polio cases and some 100 cases reported, we are “this close” to the eradication of this horrible disease.

Hurricane Sally relief Trip II

We are planning to make a second trip to coastal areas affected by Hurricane Sally on October 9 – 11. The goal of this trip will be to assist a fellow Rotarian remove large debris from his home, as well as assisting others in need in the area.

We will plan to meet Friday, October 9th at 1 PM at CAS aviation. Address is 14560 S Greeno Rd. Fairhope, AL 36532. From there we will convoy to the first work site, and then see how much we can get done and go from there. We will meet at the same location Saturday morning at 9 AM to begin the work day.

Sleeping arrangements for six on Friday and Saturday night have been confirmed, but we can accommodate more if the need is greater. This trip will end on Sunday morning.

Items we need:

  • Pre-mix gas for small engines
  • Chain saw blades, and bar oil
  • Anything that can be used as a tow strap to move large logs
  • Personal protective equipment (hearing protection, eye protection, etc.)
  • Volunteer labor appropriately dressed

If you would like to donate cash in lieu of items of need, please call or text 334-707-2486 and we can arrange that.