The District's primary focus is to provide support for clubs in their efforts to serve their community both locally and globally. The framework to provide this support starts with the Assistant Governors or AG's. AGs are appointed by the District Governor and are given responsibilites over a few clubs organized in specific geographical Areas.

To find out who your club's AG is, log in to DACdb and click on the District Tab at the top, and then find the Area Icon that looks like this:


This will load a list of AG's and show the clubs they are responsible for assisting. Find your club and you'll know who to contact for assistance.Their contact info will be listed there.

Each month the District Governor, with the assistance of dedicated editorial staff, publishes a District Newsletter highlighting the current events in the District. The newsletter is an excellent opportunity for clubs to showcase the projects and events their members have participated in each month, and promote projects coming up in the near future. The newsletter is distributed via the DACdb Pmail system, as well a published in DACdb and here on the District website. 

View and download current and past newsletters here


To submit information for the newsletter, use the form below to submit it to the newsletter editor. Deadline is the 20th of each month.

District Newsletter Editor

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There are a great many things going on in District 6880!

To facilitate a centralized place where all District and Club events can be listed in calendar format, we use the DACdb Calendar module. This is a singular central location where all District and Club events and activities can be listed.

We are working on a way to embed that calendar here, on the  District website, but until that code is finished, we direct you to the DACdb interface to see the calendar system there.

To see the calendar, Log in to DACdb, click on the District tab at the top, and select the Calendar icon to see all District events and activities.

We will continue to use our own site to conduct registration for events, so you can always access to see what is upcoming that you might need to register for.